Welcome to the website of St Therese Little Flower. We are a focused, friendly parish in West Wollongong with a rich history dating back to 1939. Like all catholics we struggle day to day with understanding and living our faith, and we work together to grow in our spirituality.

Our church population consists of all age groups from babies to our 'ageless' seniors, and we are becoming more and more cosmopolitan with familes joining us from many countries around the globe and sharing their faith with us.

Whether you are unsure about God, believe in Jesus Christ, or are looking for something more, our Catholic faith offers an opportunity to search a little deeper. What are you looking for? Please feel free to come and join us at any of our masses or parish events.

Below you will find the various missions of our church and the parish groups that support those missions.

Assembly Eucharist Gospel Mission

Acting to promote a welcoming and inclusive, respectful and caring community.

Providing faith education for children and witnessing the Catholic faith to them in both our Catholic schools and in State schools in our area.

Providing as far as we are able for the pastoral and sacramental needs of parishioners who are ill or housebound.

Providing opportunities for prayer and meditation and increasing the depth and knowledge of our faith.

Conserving and maintaining finances and property to further our mission. Recruiting and supporting people in their efforts in ministry.

Reaching out to the community to provide for people who are disadvantaged and marginalised.

Working to celebrate the Liturgy with reverence, joy and active participation of the whole congregation.

Providing for the particular needs of children, adolescents and young adults.