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St Therese Parish School

Principal's Message

St Therese Catholic Primary School caters for the education of the children of our parish, within the Catholic tradition. Our school has a proud history, having been established in 1939 by the Parish Priest of the time, Fr John Mulheren. The Sisters of the Good Samaritan were invited to staff the school and gradually, over the years, the school has grown from a handful of students to 400 at present.

St Therese School is a happy place to be, a place where there is a sense of belonging and community. Each student is known well and is encouraged to find their God-given talents and use them for good in the world. We believe in a broad education, in which Literacy and Numeracy are very important skills for life, but so are creative and physical pursuits as well. Religious Education lessons are an important part of each day, giving the children a deep insight into the Catholic Faith. Prayer and worship are also ways of celebrating our common faith.

Teachers work closely with parents to cater in the best ways for the needs of their children. Children are encouraged in their growth along a continuum of learning, with skills such as persistence, resilience and consistency playing a large part in the work ethic.

Parents organize social and fundraising events for the school, as well as helping in classrooms, attending excursions and sharing ideas. Parishioners who no longer have children at the school, are warmly invited to join in social occasions and are welcome to attend our liturgies.

St Therese Catholic Primary School is an important part of the Parish of St Therese.

Brenda Wilson


ps. Please visit our website for more information about what we do.