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Family Groups

Have you heard this before?....

‘I wish I could be more involved in our parish!’
‘I wish I really knew some of the people I see in church.’
‘How can we show our children what it means to be Christian?’

Being part of a Family Group is a great way to make these things a reality.

Contact Name: Jeff De Battista
Phone Number: 0422 000 623
Family Groups

Family Groups are made up of about 10 families with a cross section of ages. Once a month the group gets together for a picnic, barbeque, casserole night etc. to enjoy being with one another and to gradually create supportive relationships. Some gatherings can be just for adults (to give parents some breathing space) while others include children. 

Family Groups provide you with immediate contact with other families. Once you know them, you’ll find you are able to meet them after Mass. A Family Group is a great way of helping to break down the barriers if you find it difficult to talk with people.

Members within a Family Group aim to get to know each other. They wish to support each other and so build a Christian community.

The groups work together to build the parish community through sharing experiences. This is a way Family Groups live the faith in the everyday situations of their lives. From grandparents to babies, whether married, single or divorced, everyone is welcome to join.

If you’d like to become a member of a Family Group, or you’d like further information regarding Family Groups, please contact Jeff (0422 000 623) or Sue (0423 183 627).